Movement Improvement

Learn to move like the Kings and Queens of creation you were designed to be.

Self Sabotaging Behaviors

Self Sabotaging Behaviours Why we do them? What can we do to change them? Where do we start? 1 – EDUCATION is key. It is a lengthy process, a balance between kindness, comfort and pushing your boundaries.Expressing anger and healthy aggression is fairly new to civilized humans. This...


Functional Fitness Training Tips

FUNCTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING TIPS How to get better results, to improve faster and gain greater alignment when training for performance, competition or general fitness for the weekend warrior. 1. Refine small movements: In every sport and dance style, small movements are integral parts of...


Critical and Creative Thinking in Educational Dance

In my educational dance classroom this semester we are using the guiding question “How do our experiences shape our identity?” To shape our Dance Showcase performance choreography. Students have been innovative in their expression of their ideas, they continue to inspire me each lesson with...


The art of slowing down to move faster

How can slowing down help you go faster? Isn’t it the opposite of what you want to achieve? I thought the same thing when I came across this idea for the first time. My breakin’ (breakdance) days are behind me now but back in the day I trained my body hard. My goal, like most B’Girls was to...


Pelvic Literacy -- part 2 of 2

I had the biggest aha moment during my second year of my professional Feldenkrais training program. The revelation came as I was walking. Awareness of what choices I had to move my pelvis, to swing it like a model or keep it still and stiff like a robot. We had been going through an...


Pelvic Literacy part 1 of 2

I learnt to write my name with my pelvis small enough to fit on a postage stamp. The workshop was an all day Feldenkrais workshop. Through out the day we progressed through 4 Awareness Through Movement lessons. We didn’t start the day with this being able to do this movement. But by the end...