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Change My Life

One of the biggest questions we get about the Shift Your Awareness Program

“What is it you actually do that helps people change their pain and current movement habits?”

Here’s a story that illustrates exactly what we do.

When I met Ann she couldn’t walk up the stairs and was in pain. In her 20’s, Ann had an accident that left her with chronic pain. For years she struggled to find solutions, she had tried everything but wasn’t sure where to turn to next. Ann joined the Shift Your Awareness Program and now moves with more ease and awareness of what she is doing. She knows what to do for herself when pain occurs.

Mags recently had pain in her hips and back. She had been doing Yoga since a teenager. After trying Awareness Through Movement she realised she can take control of her own healing. She since joined the VIP Thinking Body, Moving Mind coaching program to learn how to include more movements in her Yoga teaching to bring more awareness to her students.
"Unbelievable to know that something really quite simple in a way I can have such a radical effect."

Many more stories

Let's hear from my students how this program has helped them


Most people want to move better and without pain but don’t know where to start to understand how their body moves.

We are told by friends to try stretching, that maybe Yoga will help.

Stretching can bring relief for some people for a short time. If it works for you, do it. But if the pain or discomfort keeps coming back then maybe you want to look for a longer lasting solution. There is an easier way to get out of pain and increase your flexibility. Without having to pull your muscles into shape.

The latest research into stretching teaches us that no matter how much you pull on a muscle it will not get longer, well it will for a very short time after some time return to where it started.

This idea will be new to some of us and challenge your ideas of stretching. Most of us grew up stretching in school before doing a form of exercise. But just like once upon a time we believe the earth was flat. Science now knows something different about stretching. Myths are hard to break especially when it’s so widely accepted that stretching will improve your flexibility.

I don’t stretch any more but my muscles remain longer and without any tension through them. Due to my consistent practice of these Awareness Through Movement lessons in the Shift Your Awareness Program

Fitness professionals tell us to get stronger in this area to stop pain.

Strength training is great if you’re already building on a functional system, if an area of your body is out of whack it’s only going to cause more damage. Pain is an indicator that something isn’t functioning well.

Building one muscle group over another one will not address what’s happening in your system that is causing your pain or discomfort.

Strength training on a dysfunctional system will only reinforce the movement patterns that are causing the pain, even creating stress to other areas of the body.

Let’s look at what is strength for? For me, I want to be able to do everyday things. Like ride bikes and climbing trees with my boys, have a casual game of tennis or basketball. I don’t want to be a master of anything. That’s the same for most of us unless you are an athlete training for a competition.

You don’t have to beat your body into shape to stop pain and gain real-world strength for everyday purposes. The process of addressing the dysfunction in your body is much simpler than that.

Building awareness of how you move. Where are you tight and where don’t you move at all. How much of your skeleton moves effortlessly and efficiently from one position to the next.

Strength is one component of intelligent training. Awareness is equally important along with coordination and mobility.


The 3 most common questions people ask about The Shift Your AwarenessProgram are:

Question 1:

How do I know if this movement method is right for me?

Question 2:

How is this different from yoga and Pilates?

Question 3:

What should I expect in an Awareness Through Movement lesson?

Question 1:

Is this Movement Method right for me?

Do you have the motivation to change aspects about yourself you wish were different? You will love this work if:

  • you hope to improve your flexibility and range of motion in your joints
  • you are recovering from an injury
  • have tried other traditional approaches without success
  • feel a bit out of touch with your body
  • you want to improve your body awareness
  • wanting to increase your confidence

Question 2:

How is this different from Yoga and Pilates?

Other modalities only focus on a few puzzle pieces, stretching, strengthening, endurance...etc. This movement approach shows you how the whole body works together. Through awareness of what we are doing, we are able to relearn better ways of moving that release excess muscle tension and restore bones to optimal alignment. Giving the body an alternative to conventional popular movement approaches. A dysfunctional system will only be detrimental to the already stressed body.

Question 3:

What should I expect in an Awareness Through Movement group class?

Classes are taught verbally and the participants are guided through the movement sequence. Each lesson is based on a particular function and designed on a precise study of how the nervous system learns best. During the lesson you will lie comfortably clothed on the floor, with your eyes softly closed. The movements are a sequence of gentle actions, to increasingly complex movements that explore your skeletal alignment, breath, muscle tone and sensing habits. Awareness Through Movement® classes give you a chance to retrain your proprioception and expand your muscle memory. This allows your system to accurately sense your movement patterns, to eliminate compulsive and dysfunctional strain.


- inside the Shift Your Awareness Program receive your coupon codes to book into any or all of these online lessons.

Your Instructor

Angela McMillan
Angela McMillan

As a practitioner my goal is to allow people a passage close to actually being individuals of free choice, to become more of themselves, able to reflect their own individual creativity and emotion, freeing the body of habitual tensions and wired-patterns of behaviour that no longer have a place in their current movement patterns so they may respond without inhibition.

All of us have extraordinary capabilities. To allow them to be efficient all we need to the proper tools and a little application to allow these capacities to function at full potential. Movement is the fundamental key to be able to do this.

Courses Included with Purchase

21Day Bodyfulness Reset Program
Feldenkrais is a tool box for life.
Angela McMillan
Happy Hips 5 Day BootCamp - Introduction to the full workshop program
Bringing awareness into your hips will improve your alignment, posture and mobility. Increasing your balance and flexibility .
Angela McMillan
5 Days to Freedom through the Shoulders, Thoracic and Neck
Angela McMillan
Membership Program - Happy Hips Workshop
Get to know your Hips
Angela McMillan
Membership Program - Spinal Articulation Workshop
for Happy Backs
Angela McMillan
Membership Program - Healthy Shoulders and Necks
Release Tension in your Shoulders and Neck
Angela McMillan
Re-Write Your Wrist
Reduce wrist pain. Be surprised how your neck, shoulders and jaw reduce tension.
Angela McMillan

Original Price: $929

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program start and finish?
The program starts as soon as you enroll you get access to all the video and audio content you see below. As well as the first-week audio-video from the Happy Hips course. Every week you get access to a new audio/video alternating between the 3 included programs. Happy Hips, Spinal Articutalion and Healthy Shoulders and Necks.
How long do I have access to the program?
As long as you are paying your monthly subscription.....How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is there support outside of the program and online classes?
Yes, you have a private Facebook group to share and get support from me and other students in the Change Your Life Program.
Will it be fun?
Yes, although learning something new that challenges your current thinking is challenging. You can be guaranteed to find a newfound zest for movement.
Are the results guaranteed?
Nothing can be guaranteed when it relies on you to show up and do the work. Short term mindset is problematic and a symptom of our cultural misunderstanding of what our bodies need for true transformation. Potentially you will be working for years to re-learn movement habits. You must show up and do the lessons, consistency is key to transformation. There are no magic pills. This program will give you solid information and a curiosity to learn more, for an insane price for a lifetime of transformation.
What is my commitment then?
I expect you to have engage once a week over the next 30 weeks as your new audio/video is accessible. Attend the online weekly classes with me. Share with ion the Facebook group what you are discovering as you try each of the lessons. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to show up or do anything - but why sign up if you are not going to go all in? You are only cheating on your future self. I want to help you uplevel and live a life you love.
What happens if I miss lessons?
You have access to the program as long as you are enrolled in the membership.
Are refunds available if I am not happy with the course?
Yes, if you are unhappy. We are happy to refund your last within a 30 day period. No questions asked. Email [email protected]

We offer a 30day refund. If you are unhappy with the program at any time send email to [email protected]

Refund granted with in 30day timeframe.

No questions asked.

Course Curriculum

  Module 2: Fundamentals of Functional Movement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: Some Full Awareness Through Movement Lessons
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 8: Supple Spine - Satisfied Life
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 10: The Reason WHY the Feldenkrais Method is so effective
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 11: Pelvic Floor and Happy Hips 5 day BOOTCAMP's
Available in days
days after you enroll

"You can have pain free days"

- Mags, Yoga Teacher, Current Student

Some comments from students in the Facebook group:

Students Testimonials

No pain after hours in the garden, Freedom in movements after a car accident, getting up and down from the floor easier.

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